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You can do Dips and Chins! You can do Dips and Chins! You can with VX-DC Assistance!.....

The VX-DC is a modular, dual station, assisted dip/chin machine that is the perfect compliment to any commercial or home training facility. Assisted dips and chin-ups are time tested and proven effective, and are popular with fitness enthusiasts worldwide. The VX-DC allows progression towards less assisted and even unassisted exercises due to the ingenious design of the fully enclosed weight stack and easily adjustable assist bar. The VX-DC may be freestanding, or attached to most other Series VX machines.

  • Accommodates low ceiling heights
  • Dip bars have 4 width adjustable positions
  • Chin-up bars accommodate virtually all users
  • Small machine footprint

This machine may be assembled in either a standing or kneeling format, to accommodate different ceiling height environments.

Made in USA
# of Weight Stacks 1
160 lb. Weight Stack
210 lb. Weight Stack √ 155 pounds Assist
260 lb. Weight Stack
310 lb. Weight Stack
Commercial Use
Home Use
Functional Training Machine
Wheelchair Accessible
Freestanding or Attachable √ with VX-38, VX-18, VX-11, VX-FT1
Leg/Calf Press Option
Patented Fingertip Release Lever
Vector™ Bench
Self Adjusting Bench Cushion
7 Position Bench
Parallelogram Direct Drive Press Arm
Chest Supported Row Arm
20+ Position Press Arm
ARC™ Butterfly Pec Dec
Preacher Curl
Lying Leg Curl
Cross Chest Fly
Fixed or Free Weight Mode
Adjustable High Pulley Assembly
Swiveling Pulleys
49 Pulley Positions
210 Grab Bar Positions
500 Pulley Positions
Custom Sport Handles
CHEST: -15º Decline Bench Press
CHEST: 0º Bench Press
CHEST: 15º Bench Press
CHEST: 30º Bench Press
CHEST: 45º Bench Press
CHEST: 60º Incline Bench Press
CHEST: Cable Crossover
CHEST: Cross Chest Fly
CHEST: Pec Dec
BACK: Shrugs
BACK: Seated Low Row
BACK: Chest Supported Row
BACK: Wide Grip Mid Row
BACK: Lat Pull
BACK: Back Extension
BACK: Pull-Ups
LEGS: Inner Thigh Pull
LEGS: Squat
LEGS: Kick Back
LEGS: Standing Leg Extension
LEGS: Seated Leg Extension
LEGS: Standing Leg Curl
LEGS: Leg Press
LEGS: Calf Press
LEGS: Standing Calf Raise
ARMS: Preacher Curl
ARMS: Biceps Curl
ARMS: Reverse Curl
ARMS: High Pulley Curl
ARMS: Triceps Extension
ARMS: Triceps Push Down
SHOULDERS: Shoulder Press
SHOULDERS: Front Raise
SHOULDERS: Lateral Raise
SHOULDERS: Upright Row
ABDOMINALS: Seated Ab Crunch
ABDOMINALS: Cross Bench Sit-up
LEGS: Outer Thigh Pull

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