Warranty and Owner's Manuals

Vectra Fitness, Inc. warrants, to the original owner only, the Vectra machine to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for component specific periods as outlined below. Purchaser must retain bill of sale to establish warranty rights. This Limited Warranty is valid only if machine is purchased from a Vectra authorized dealer. Defective parts will be repaired or replaced at Vectra's option, when returned to Vectra Fitness, Inc., shipping prepaid with prior authorization. No allowances for labor will be made. Below are warranty periods for our current machine models only (click product name for Owner's Manual in PDF format): On-Line 1450,  On-Line 1650,  VX-11,  VX-18,  VX-28,  VX-38,  VX-48,  BRT,  VFT-100 with double swiveling pulleys,  VX-FT 1 Stack with double swiveling pulleys,  VX-FT 2 Stack,  and VX-DC. For warranties on other Vectra models, please review that product's particular Owner's Manual for its specific warranty periods.

Warranty Period

(All periods are from date of purchase by original customer) 

Home Use (Applies to 1450, 1650, all VX models, BRT, VFT-100): 

Home use is defined as use in a family's home by the members of that family. Lifetime means while owned by the original owner.

Structural Frame               Lifetime                         Bearings                                            5 years

Weight Stack                    5 years                          Cables and Cable Attachments      3 years

Guide Rods                      5 years                           Upholstery                                         3 years

Pulleys                               5 years                          Other parts not listed                        3 years


Commercial / Institutional Use (applies to all VX models, BRT, and VFT-100):

Commercial / Institutional Use is defined as any use other than Home Use:

Structural Frame               5 years                          Bearings                                            1 year

Weight Stack                    5 years                          Cables and Cable Attachments      1 year

Guide Rods                       5 years                          Upholstery                                         1 year

Pulleys                               5 years                          Other parts not listed                        1 year


Please see each product's particular Owners Manual for additional information about its Warranty, including Conditions and Exceptions, Replacement and Repair Expenses, Claim Procedure, and Consumers Rights.

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