1.Why buy a Vectra?
The reasons are too many to list. Vectra makes the finest multi-gyms and functional trainers that are available. Vectra machines are attractive, easy and comfortable to use, and safe to have in your home. Our weight machines are engineered based on human biomechanics (the way the human body moves). What does this mean? It means that we've taken the time and effort to design the machines so that you are in a proper exercise position, and able to perform the exercises correctly and comfortably. We haven't compromised the quality of exercise movements to fit into a particular machine footprint. After all, you want to be satisfied with the exercises you're going to perform throughout the duration of your gym ownership. Simply stated, the quality of the exercise movements is second to none. All of our gyms are constructed with the highest quality materials and parts to make them more durable to last longer and perform better. Vectra multi-station gyms and functional trainers are easier to use, easier to use correctly, provide a smaller chance of bad technique injury, and are made with craftsmanship, one at a time in the USA. Vectra gyms are bench based, allowing a host of additional exercises not found on the vertical, seat based gyms. There are many comparative situations where Vectra gyms offer twice as many exercises, but require less than half the adjustment time and effort during the workout. There is not a single pop pin or screw down adjustment on any Vectra machine, which is a testament to the superior design and engineering. We are innovative leaders in the fitness industry who continually strive for superior quality, function and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

2.Why does Vectra cost more? If Vectra does cost more than other weight training systems, it means that the buyer will receive more total benefit and value. What is value? Value is what you receive for your money spent. Vectra offers single station, commercial health club quality exercises in a multi-station and functional training format. If you were to buy single station type machines, the cost would be 5 to 10 times that of a Vectra. Other multi-gyms do not provide the quality and variety of a Vectra machine. The larger quantity of exercises means the user can mix up their exercise regimen for variety throughout the ownership of the gym. We do not compromise the way our machines look or function, nor do we neglect any part of the body. We could reduce the cost of our machines by using lower quality components and moving our manufacturing overseas, or reducing the number of quality exercises available, but then that wouldn't be a Vectra. Other weight machines may offer a workout, but not as comfortably, safely or biomechanically correct as Vectra. Vectra machines generally default you into correct positions even if you are a beginner and not sure about your form. What is that worth to you? Vectra gyms are built in the USA from superior materials that will last longer and perform better. With Vectra you get more than just a workout, you get a lifestyle.

3.How do I know which Vectra is right for me? We manufacture several different machine models that range in size, style and available exercises, each designed to accommodate varying room sizes and exercise preferences. Other variables include who will be using the equipment, what are their fitness goals, and how many people will be using the machine simultaneously. Within our website, located on each product page, you will find a link that allows you to compare Vectra machines by features and exercises. It is beneficial for you to discuss your individual needs and goals with your local authorized Vectra dealer, to receive their professional experience and advice. You may also contact Vectra directly with further questions.

4.Why are some Vectra machines larger than others? We offer a wide variety of models, ranging from small and compact, to larger, commercially rated machines. Some offer more weight stacks than others and allow for simultaneous users. Our machines are built to enhance the integrity of the exercise experience, and our goal is to provide the highest quality of exercises in the smallest possible space. We've designed our gyms around correct exercise form as opposed to compromising the exercises to fit within a certain footprint. Most small, seat based machines are designed with a small footprint as the primary concern, with seemingly little regard to the quality or quantity of exercises. There should be a Vectra machine to accommodate your individual needs and space requirements.

5.What accessories and options are available for my Vectra machine? We have a variety of different grips, bars, and handles that can be used on our machines, as well as accessory racks and dumbbell racks. We also have several sport specific grips and handles (like Golf) designed specifically for our Functional Training units. Please see our product pages for optional racks and accessories meant for each product.

6.What is functional training? Functional training is the training of muscles to work together and in conjunction with other muscles and body parts. The torso is the center or "core" of our bodies. The core muscles support and stabilize our hips, shoulders and spine. The body must balance and coordinate specific movements that must be able to adapt to a variety of different environmental positions. Functional Training commonly involves the use of weights, cables and swiveling pulleys that allow the user to define the exercise movement. This method of training is proven to help individuals achieve a higher level of performance related to everyday activities and sports. See training tips and questions section for more explanations on Functional Training.

7.How many exercises can I do on a Vectra machine? Don't get caught up in the hype about the number of exercises that may be performed on a weight machine. Some manufacturers advertise that you can perform a certain number of exercises on their machines, like 32 or 48 or 64 exercises. What really matters are the exercises that you want to perform on the machine, and the quality in which you perform them. If you really want to focus on the pure number of exercises, Vectra can compete very well on that basis. It is fair to say that you can perform hundreds of exercises on many of our machines.

8.Why is strength training important? Research has demonstrated that the benefits of strength training are numerous and important, and include:
•?Ability to lose weight and maintain weight control
•Increased metabolism
•Increase muscle strength
•Decreased body fat
•Reduced risk and occurrence of injury
•Improved performance related to everyday activities or sports
•Reduced risk of osteoporosis
•Decreased blood pressure
•Improved blood cholesterol profile: Studies have indicated that HDL levels (good cholesterol) increase and LDL levels (bad cholesterol) decrease as a result of participating in a strength training routine
•Reduced fatigue
•Improved mood
•Improved body composition and look
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