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The VX-11 is a sturdy addition to any exercise room, whether used as a freestanding unit or as a modular component with most Series VX machines. The four exercises on the VX-11 are leg press, calf press, preacher curl and triceps extension.

Maximize Exercises
Biceps / triceps and leg exercises at the same station? Yes, as with all Vectra machines, extreme care is taken to
Minimize Stress
During the leg presses, the non skid footplate pivots thoughout the exercise motion, minimizing ankle stress. Adjust the ball bearing guided seat back and move the feet down onto the purpose designed section of the footplate for an unbeatable calf press
movement to a biomechnanically correct preacher curl station. You will appreciate the cambered
maximize the number of exercises per square foot. In this case, the seat back for the leg press / calf press converts in one
bar, perfectly positioned for your next set in a pinch-proof cradle.
Modular Design
The modular nature of the Series VX machine ensures all of your exercise and room layout needs will be met. Nearly all Series VX machines can stand alone or connect to other Series VX machines.
Tailor a Vectra gym to the size and needs of any home gym or commercial facility.
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